Raph D.

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I am … a Survivor.

It was the summer of 2014. My small, seasonal business was booming and our young family of four was joyously expecting a new addition. My 32nd year of life was busy, but going extremely well by almost every measure. It was Friday, July 18th, and I had spent the day catching up on work at my home office. My wife and daughter were just returning from a holy hour at the hospital chapel. After spending what my wife thought was an inordinate amount of time on a phonecall in the basement, she came down to find me lying on the floor, unable to sit myself up, eyes drifting in different directions, unable to intelligibly communicate. Bravely coming to terms with the situation, she acted FAST and dialed 911. My memory of those moments is foggy, but I will never forget being carried out of my home hearing my brave 5 year old daughter, her voice filled with fear, ask paramedics, ” Is my Daddy gonn be okay?”