Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Corporate Alliance Code of Practice

Thank you for your interest in partnering with National Stroke Association. Corporate supporters enable maximization of reach to those we serve in the fight against stroke. All relationships with pharmaceutical and medical device corporate supporters reflect the transparency, integrity and mission of National Stroke Association. Read the Code of Practice below and contact the Corporate Alliance team at or 303-754-0943 for more information.


National Stroke Association seeks and accepts funding from pharmaceutical and medical device corporations in support of our professional, stroke survivor/caregiver, advocacy and public education and outreach programs including general operating funds for the organization. We strive to enter into only those corporate relationships that are respectful of the rules and regulations required by those, which we serve and are able to provide funding which is unbiased, ethical and consistent with our mission and goals. Acknowledgement is attributed per the guidelines outlined below.


National Stroke Association does not endorse any medical product or treatment sold by any corporation supporting our organization. However, National Stroke Association’s Professional Advisory Board shall freely represent us in their review and recommendations of therapies for stroke, stroke prevention and stroke recovery.

Written Agreements

Whenever possible, the conditions of sponsorship shall be in writing between National Stroke Association and the sponsoring corporations.

Conditional Funding

Pharmaceutical funding of programs shall be free of any influence as it relates to content development and design. Regarding activities relating to a healthcare product, device or service, marketed or distributed by the healthcare industry /or still under development, National Stroke Association has adopted the following guidelines:

  • Any ensuing collateral (digital or print) will be the property of National Stroke Association and findings may not be used or quoted by the funder without explicit permission.
  • No information in relation to the project should ever be used to promote the use of any specific product or business of the funder.
  • Funding should ideally come from more than one source, though it is recognized that this will not always be possible.
  • National Stroke Association allows the opportunity for a courtesy review of sponsored project collateral (digital and print) if requested, but sponsors understand that final design and content is at the sole discretion of National Stroke Association. If a project requires medical/legal/regulatory (MLR), all MLR-approved sponsor content must comply National Stroke Association standards regarding unbranded education or either party can cancel any agreements. Sponsor is responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of cancellation.
  • Sponsors can be recognized on supported collateral (digital and print) through a general credit line only to avoid being perceived as an advertisement. The credit line can include a hyperlink to a company website or an unbranded campaign website only, no product website links are allowed.
  • Company logos are not allowed on any supporting collateral (digital or print) for recognition purposes except for specific events when appropriate and outlined in contract.
  • National Stroke Association does not disseminate unbalanced, non-validated or partial information about a product/service, which is produced, marketed or provided by a company.
  • National Stroke Association will not be quoted in a company’s corporate communication in favor of, or against a product (this includes legislative action).
  • National Stroke Association will not participate as a speaker/ participant in a company event for the launch of a pharmaceutical product (this does not include unbranded awareness campaigns).
  • National Stroke Association as a brand will not appear in promotional materials for a certain product of the company (eg. booklets about a specific medicine) or to testify as a “consumer” of that medicine.
  • National Stroke Association and their representatives will not be quoted in industry press releases that relate to a marketed product or a product under development.

CME (Continuing Medical Education) Funding

National Stroke Association seeks and accepts grant funding from corporations to develop and deliver evidence-based medical education programs that are accredited for physicians and nurses, consistent with the guidelines of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (AANC). National Stroke Association professional education programs also may target rehabilitation professionals and public health professionals. Professional education programs are delivered live, online, and as enduring materials that meet the ACCME guidelines for valid and balanced content. National Stroke Association also recognizes and complies with the guidelines governing medical education established by the FDA, OIG, PhRMA, and ADVAMED. All National Stroke Association education activities and program materials disclose educational support from commercial companies. Letters of Agreement with grantors are always required. Post-activity financial reconciliation of program budgets is always provided.

For all professional education programs, National Stroke Association assumes full responsibility for developing a knowledge gap analysis, implementing appropriate learning strategies, recruiting faculty, developing content and marketing materials and tactics, and outcomes assessment.  We require all faculty/ authors/ peer reviewers in our programs to disclose any potential conflict of interest and their relationships with companies or entities that have provided monetary support, which may have a bearing on the topics being presented. Peer reviews are required of all content to ensure evidence-based practices are being discussed in addition to resolving any potential appearance of bias.

Conflicts Of Interest

The Board of Directors, Professional Advisory Board members, staff, consultants and select volunteers and contracted grant seekers are required to disclose potential conflicts of interest with any and all of our corporate supporters.

Disclosure Of Corporate Funding

National Stroke Association discloses all corporate funding within its financial filings, which are open to the general public.