Permissions Policy

Thank you for seeking permission for use of National Stroke Association content and media. Please read further to determine if you are required to seek permission.

Permissions Policy

Permission will be granted for use of content for educational purposes only.

Permission will not be granted for commercial use of any content, images, branding, illustration or any media.

Permission will not be granted for co-branding or use of print/web illustrations unless you are a professional member of Stroke Center Network™. Members can seek permission for co-branding or illustration use here.

You are not required to request permission when seeking to make photocopies of web content, StrokeSmart® magazine content or reprint content from educational brochures and publications for educational use only.

You must request permission to reprint StrokeSmart® magazine articles (fee included) or to use any available media on

Please submit a request if you require a formal permission granted form.

If you wish to acquire brochures and other print publications or products, visit our Web store.

Complete this form and email to or fax to (303) 649-1328.
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Please allow 10 business days for a response.

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