CME Course Series – Neurothrombectomy: Improving Stroke Outcomes

CME Course Series – Neurothrombectomy: Improving Stroke OutcomesThe results of the latest studies utilizing advanced brain imaging technology are changing the stroke treatment guidelines. The DEFUSE 3 study expands on the results of the MR CLEAN and DAWN studies, and allow for extended window for thrombectomies to as long as 24 hours in some cases. It also broadens the population eligible for clot-busting medication to people with mild strokes.

Neurothrombectomy: Improving Stroke Outcomes is an expanded education initiative comprising of three webinars that focuses on the latest research results and improving stroke outcomes.

What We Know About The Effectiveness Of Neurothrombectomy: A High-Yield Review

This program provides an overview and history of neurothrombectomy studies, thrombectomy in the extended time window, and methods for selecting appropriate patients. Discussion also addresses the 2018 guideline recommendations.

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Neurothrombectomy: Developing Optimal Regional Systems Of Care

The second webinar discusses the time-sensitive nature of large vessel occlusion (LVO), pre-hospital evaluation for LVO, and the impact of the new guidelines on health systems.

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Enhancing Clinical Outcomes With Hospital-Based Protocol For Thrombectomy

The third and final webinar discusses the recent updates to stroke guidelines, evaluation of patients for endovascular treatment, and post-thrombectomy management in the hospital.

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Integrated Endovascular Workflow

This short PDF document is a quick reference guide for stroke care teams to help them develop a consistent approach to acute stroke and endovascular treatment.

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