Nena V.

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I am … a Survivor.

As an airline crewmember I traveled 5-6 days a week this week was no different other than the nagging migraine & shoulder /neck pain which I assumed was just exhaustion. However at aprox 215am I woke up alone in my hotel rm feeling weird, I knew something wasn’t right but again thought it was just a massive migraine. Tried to turn on the nightstand lamp and couldn’t, tried walking couldn’t. ..I soon found out I couldn’t talk,walk,my nose had been bleeding while I slept and half my face was swollen….I drifted in & out of consciousness all the while holding a monologue in my head because yes thankfully for some reason a sense of peace had come over me simply forgetting everything else….eventually my crew got me back to my base & home and I spend the next couple months between many specialists & tests to figure out what caused it, then another yr of cutting back on my hrs and its very much still a daily struggle and learning this new me, I’m coming up on my two yr mark and still barely had one month at work of full time like before and I was in pain 🙁 so my body isn’t ready to fly at that level yet,docs don’t know if ever but I will continue to fly for now.