National Stroke Association and Flint Rehab Announce Partnership

The National Stroke Association, a nonprofit organization that reduces the impact of stroke through education and awareness announces a partnership with Flint Rehab, a leading rehabilitation device company that empowers stroke survivors to recover from the comfort of their own home.

Through this collaboration, stroke survivors will have improved access to educational materials, an online stroke support group, and affordable rehabilitation technology. To help support the National Stroke Association, Flint Rehab, based in Irvine, California, will also provide an exclusive discount on their products to all Shop Stroke customers and will donate 15% from each sale back to the nonprofit.

“We are excited to provide the National Stroke Association community with free access to over 400 educational articles and an online stroke support group with over 6,000 members,” said Dr. Dan Zondervan, Vice President of Flint Rehab. “We know recovery starts with a solid foundation of education and community. Our rehab devices then provide a path forward for regaining movement and independence from home.”

Flint Rehab’s team of neuroscientists create next-gen rehabilitation tools that use the latest clinical research and gamification to make therapy effective and enjoyable. Their two most popular products, FitMi and MusicGlove, have empowered thousands of stroke survivors to increase mobility and regain a positive outlook on life.

FitMi, the company’s latest product, enables users to practice a diverse library of exercises for the arms, hands, trunk, and legs that are appropriate for all stages of recovery. MusicGlove, a music-based hand therapy tool, has also been clinically proven to improve dexterity and control of the hands and fingers.

“We specifically designed FitMi and MusicGlove to make rehabilitation both fun and effective,” said Dr. Nizan Friedman, CEO of Flint Rehab. “Our mission is to empower every stroke survivor to reach their full potential through education, community support, and innovative technology.” This new partnership between Flint Rehab and the National Stroke Association was created to amplify these three objectives in order to accelerate the recovery of stroke survivors.

To learn more about Flint Rehab’s products, see our Shop Stroke page.

About National Stroke Association:

The National Stroke Association is the oldest national nonprofit in the U.S. that dedicates 100 percent of its efforts to stroke. They develop compelling educational programs focused on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and support for all impacted by stroke.

About Flint Rehab:

Flint Rehab is a forward-thinking company dedicated to reinventing the way stroke survivors recover. Their experienced team of neuroscientists create next-gen rehabilitation tools using the latest clinical research and gamification. Their most popular products, FitMi and MusicGlove, have empowered thousands of people to increase mobility and regain a positive outlook on life. Flint Rehab also provides educational resources and community support to motivate survivors to rebuild a life full of the activities they love! They’re the anti-boring solution that helps survivors engage with their therapy, day in and day out. Learn more about Flint Rehab here.

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