Mayda G

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I am … a Survivor.

At age 41, I survived an AVM/Stroke I had to basically relearn all the necessities needed for life. Now at age 51, I’m independent once more and living to tell my story. It was a very horriable feeling for a single mother of two, my son in college and my daughter a senior in high school. I was not ready to face the challenge that was being presented to me that horriable evening on March 21st 2008.

After having brain surgery to stop the blood clog and coming out of coma for several days it was were the fun begins. Several months in the rehabilitation center learning to walk, talk and have a functional life style again seemed impossible. However, my determination and perseverance and my faith is what got me through it all. I new I was going to be alright! I just celebrated my 10th year anniversary as a survivor. Now, I have an obligation to help others by being an advocate and giving back the support that each individual needs.

This is my story!

God bless you ALL!!

Mayda 🙂