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My Dad’s Stroke

Imagine just a normal night hanging out with your Dad. Then all of a    sudden he starts acting unnatural, making a weird voice, and his face is very still. You think he is kidding around, but all of a sudden the ambulance is at your house and they are taking your Dad to the hospital. This is what happened when my father had a stroke. Scary enough that he had one, but now I’m thinking about my personal health. So many  questions float around in my head. My main concern is if this will ever happen to me. There has to be a way I can dodge this theoretical bullet that my dad didn’t. What I have done to change is I have been eating healthier and trying to be more active.

What a normal night consisted with my dad was him playing handball with me in the basement or playing video games. Also one of his favorite things to do was play darts with me when I was little. We would also watch the Twins game if they were     playing or if the Wild were on. Any sport in general, I would be watching with my dad. We would basically do anything that involved sports together. All of a sudden he was acting really weird one night.

I was eight when my dad had a stroke. I can remember the night very vividly. My Dad and I were just hanging out in the office. He was doing something on the computer. Maybe taxes or something for work. Then all of a sudden he just kind of stares into space and starts speaking weird. It was like he was speaking a whole different language. I could barely understand him.  My mom walks into the room and asks, “What’s going on?”. My dad, staring at the wall and his face frozen like stone said, “Call an ambulance.” At first I thought he was joking around because my dad is a character. So I tell him, “Dad, quit joking around.” I looked at him another time and repeated myself. It turns out he wasn’t. My mom was freaking out, running around trying to keep me clueless as possible so I won’t be as worried, and telling me to go to my room and hangout in there. Soon enough there was an ambulance at my house taking my Dad to the hospital.

My mom sent me to my neighbors’ house soon after she told me to go to my room, so I didn’t have to hear what was going on with the medics and watch my dad get taken off on a stretcher. I remember walking across my driveway seeing the flashing lights and all of the medics rushing into helping my dad out. When I got to my neighbor’s house I couldn’t stop thinking to myself, “Is my dad going to die?” Jason and I were watching Americas Funniest Home Videos because that is what made me laugh back in the day and my best friend Jason Mcdonough loved those videos. I specifically remember that night he said “Oh, that guy died” when a man got hurt. The man in the video got kicked in the nuts by something. Those were our favorite type of videos when we were little. I got really upset with him and I told him that’s not funny because I thought my dad could die. Soon enough the next morning my mom came over to my neighbors to tell me that my dad is okay and that he will be coming home in a couple days. I was ecstatic when I heard that news.

My family has a history of blood disease and I would like to try to dodge these diseases. My grandpa had a heart attack, My mom had blood clots in her lungs, and of course my dad’s stroke. Another person in my family had a stroke when I was super young, my great grandfather. I never really got to know him. I found out a lot about him even though I didn’t hear it first hand, he sounded like a great man. He could have played major league baseball, but he chose to stay home and help out with the farm that his family had back in the day. He had a stroke and was never really the same I guess. He died a little while after when I was about two or three. I would like to even know my great grandchildren like my grandpa and grandma do on my mom’s side.

What really didn’t occur to me when I was little is will this ever happen to me? When you look at my dad, you wouldn’t think anything bad like that would happen to him. He works out almost every day and he eats super healthy. The thing that scares me the most is that the doctors have really no idea what caused it. They still don’t to this day. What I am really trying to figure out is there any way I can prevent this from happening to me. I couldn’t imagine going through what my dad went through that night when I was eight. All the doctors told him to do was to take aspirin everyday and that could help it out. To this day, he has eaten even healthier and try to get me to eat as healthy as possible when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Another thing that worries me is that if I ever have kids that it would happen to them or not. I couldn’t imagine seeing something or hearing something like that happen to my children. If something happened to them and it was fatal, I don’t know how I would handle putting my son in the ground before me, or if I die young from this how would my kids be able to handle the situation. My grandkids would never get to meet me and that wouldn’t be okay. I’d like to show them how to stay healthy and not have them    eating like trash all the time. I’d like to show them that eating fruit can taste better then eating a pice of candy. Also, putting in healthy things like putting flax seed in banana bread(one thing my dad does now). You won’t taste any of the flax seed at all, but it makes it healthier.

I have many reasons to be concerned about this because of all the examples, but I know that taking care of myself and eating healthy, I’ll have a better chance of not     having any of these problems. Also, I can teach my kids and even grand kids how to handle this situation. I would like to show them that eating healthy can lead to a longer life and that it’s not always bad to choose natures candy over a piece of candy and that a little physical activity didn’t hurt anyone. If you go out for a 10 minute walk just to throw a little exercise in your day makes it better. Actually it has been proven that if you workout in the morning before class or work you will be more productive. Hopefully, by then, they will teach their kids that eating better will help them not have to endure this problem.In conclusion, my dad is doing so much better now and hasn’t had another stroke since that day. He has been eating healthier and been getting more exercise. He has really turned it around. This gives me hope that I can be just like him, post stroke, and dodge the disease that he did not.