Maria H.

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I am … a Survivor.

Five years ago I gave birth to my daughter. It was absolutely the happiest day of my life, but little did I know that my life as I knew it would be over and that I would be given the chance of a new life, which has been rather cumbersome at times and also a little overwhelming. Nonetheless, it’s been my life for the past five years since the arrival of my daughter. I have been confined to a wheelchair, completely dependent on the kindness of the people around me for everything. Although on most days I’m incredibly resentful and bewildered by why this happened to be, I give it my 100% as far as working as hard as I can to be free again. Of course, my number one motivator is my little girl, but in addition to her, my greatest aspiration is to one day be able to use my story to help others as far as motivating people that may be in similar circumstances to mine, and unlike me, they may not have the incentive to try to do as much physical therapy as they possible can to get out of the same situation one might find themselves in after such a tragic event. I refuse to let this unfortunate sequence of events change my happy-go-lucky take on life because, as hard as it’s been, I wouldn’t change being around to live and getting to experience the small things that make life so worth living and enriching. It’s as though my stroke took an endless number of essential aspects of my being, but my drive and the strength of my soul with which I choose to pursue this wonderful life prevails. I’ve been given a chance to live again, and through all the difficulties on most days, I feel grateful to have been given the chance to be around. I choose not to spend my energy on wasting or not appreciating all the small things that make life so rich and wonderful to live. To conclude, I usually sit inside my head contemplating all the quiet subtleties that make my life to incredibly unique, and some of the things that come up are my great love for family and my love of people in general. I have always felt a great deal of love for people. I do wish to be able to find a productive place in this world for myself. This is pretty much my life and my feelings at this time in a nutshell. Thank you very much. I hope I can be of help and encouragement to others.