Louis T.

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I am … a Survivor.

Our Road

So in 2013, heart disease caught up with me overnight with a 99.2% blocked widow maker. Out of the blue, a wake up call. I wasn’t the young man I had been pretending to be. I realized I was teetering on the edge of life, and had no clue. But God is good, and walked me through the circumstances that saved my life. A life saving stent was inserted, and off I went, to complete life. But life teaches us there are no guarantees. 5 months later, without warning, I suffered a ischemic stroke of my left brain. Numbness in my face, mouth, hand would become apart of my life. Doctors prognosis, was my stroke was a fluke, a anomaly that odds would never occur again. But again, no guarantees. Three weeks later, while vacationing in Arkansas, I was struck with a hemeragic stroke of my right brain. Weakness, aphasia, pseudobulbar affect, muscle and joint pain. But God is good. 5 days later I walked out of the hospital, returning to Houston for rehab and recovery.I understand determination. Mine was strong, as 4 weeks later I returned to work. But for me, my determination came from within, it came from within by a faith of God in my heart, that I knew wasn’t through with me yet. Today that Faith drives me to a purpose, a purpose to complete the journey that God walked me through. A journey, that will only be complete, when I stand before him and he tells me it’s complete. My job until then, is to encourage, to motivate, to try and use words to help others traveling that road I travelled. Some may not appreciate, or agree with my words. But that’s ok, as my words may not be for everyone. All I can tell you is, there is hope. Hope we will all get through this.¬†¬†Love you my friends.