Lorissa C

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I am … a Survivor.

I’m a 37 year old female now. I had a brainstem stroke on Sept 10 2016 when I was 35. I had went to New York City to participate in a 5k with my best friend It was a hot day. We made it to the 2nd obstacle and it knocked me off. I fell in the pit. Thaught I hurt my shoulder. I fellow runner said it might be sprained. I couldn’t move my arm up at all it hurt to bad. Well we finished the race, took some pics to prove we finished. I was hurting pretty bad So I went to the medical tent. They gave me ice for my shoulder. We left and I drove us an hour to our hotel. We checked in. As we went to park we had passed a pharmacy So I wanted to stop to get something for my shoulder and by that time I had a headache. Which I thought was allergies. So we got some stuff then went back to the hotel. I proceeded to call my dad then take a shower. My friend went to take a shower after me. As she was about to get in she heard me yelling for her. I felt dizzy. I was beginning to have trouble talking. Eventual I couldn’t talk and couldn’t move my whole body. She called 911. I had 2 blood clots 1 stroke. Had gotten Pnemonia twice and another rare disease called S.I.R.S. I lost consciousness for 5 weeks. I stayed in the hospital for 2 months. I now have a pacemaker too. I have been to 2 more rehab. I’m learning to walk again now.