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I am … a Survivor.

I am a survivor!  It was two days after my daughter was born in the Van Wert Hospital, March 2, 2015, that will never be forgotten.  I had just been through 43 hours of labor, two epidurals and finally, a c-section with a spinal tap.  I suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke on the left side of my brain, leaving the right side of my body useless.  Thankfully I was able to state to my husband that I was having a stroke before it completely took effect, and even more thankful that I was not holding my daugter at the time least I would have dropped her!  Thanks to all the nurses and my physician, they were able to transfer me by helicopter to Parkview Medical Center in Ft. Wayne, IN.

I went in half paralyzed but within three and a half weeks, I was walking and functioning again thanks to Parkviews Rehab team!  I could tell you what got better in me every day, and while I may not function 100% on my right hand side, I was able to rehab back to 90%. Despite the odds, I actually gave birth almost 15 months later to a boy.   Having another stroke from the second pregnancy never really entered my mind, though I was very glad that this birth was a scheduled c-section, and any health care professional that had contact with me was aware of my previous stroke after childbirth.

Both hospitals will never know the thanks and appreciation I have for the time I spent there through my stroke ordeal.   I knew my risk of stroke was higher when I was pregnant with my first child, but I never thought I would actually have one.  I encourage any woman that is pregnant to know their risk, even if you never think it will happen to you!