John F

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I am … a Survivor.

On June 6th, 2018 my world changed in an instant. Having worked in the structural pest control industry for 30 years I was acclimated to varying outdoor temperatue conditions. It was hot that day and after completing my exterior service, I handed my customer his invoice. Immediately I was onset with a full sensation in my right ear and felt as though the whole world was spinning. I told him I must have gotten to hot and making it to my service vehicle sat in the air conditioning for a moment. It felt like the symptoms were aleviating so I left the subdivision I was in only to be hit by a more violent attack before reaching the main highway. I pulled into a church parking lot and called for help.

Arriving at the hospital I was onset by nausea and vomiting. I was admitted and a CT scan and MRI were conducted but showed no indicatioss stroke after my symptoms did not aleviate a second MRI with contrast was ordered.and on the second one they discovered I had suffered a cerebellar stroke. Due to the location in the brain this type of stroke is often misdiagnosed as severe vertigo and a minority of stroke victims suffer this type of stroke. I had no pain, no warning. I spent five days in the hospital before being relased to go home. The after effects have been loss of balance and coordination, minor loss of strength in my right arm and redduction of hearing in my right ear by about eighty percent.

Thankfully, I have use of all my extremeties, speech and mind. Currently I am undergoing home recovery and walk 15 minutes each day. The balance is slowly improving and I hope to be back at work soon. This stroke was thought to be caused by atrial fibrillation which I have been dealing with over a year. In spite of it all I am thankful to be alive and doing as well as I am. The important thing I have found is to keep in a postive frame of mind. This recovery is a journey and I count myself blessed to be among so many surviors of stroke. May each of you find peace in your heart and you travel the road to recovery.