Joe R

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I am … a Survivor.

I had my stroke in April of 2015 in the early afternoon while on a train home from work. I lost half of my vision immediately, but being young and dumb, I didn’t go to the hospital till the next day, where they discovered I had stroked. It was a surreal experience, seeing people from all departments of the hospital come to visit to see if they could help. The 25 year old stroke survivor seemed such an oddity back then. As ive continued with my recovery, however, I have found and helped create a community for the outliers. If you look hard enough, you will always find something to make you hopeful. As of almost 2 years after the stroke, I am back working again and married to the love of my life. I would never wish my experience on anyone, but would not trade what I learned and what I gained for the world. Never. Give. Up.