Jason D.

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I am … a Survivor.

I was 12 years old. (I am 26 now) I was living in Olympia, WA when it happend. The scariest thing was that it happend in my sleep. When I awoke, I felt as if my right arm was asleep. Thinking that I slept on it funny, (and that the feeling would go away) I got out of bed and tried to play some video games but this akward feeling would not go away. It was early in the morning so everybody else was still sleeping. I went back to sleep thinking I would get over it. When I got up again from my slumber, I walked out of my room and saw my dad there. He offered me a sandwich so I just sort of nodded my head. He didn’t know at this point that I was unable to speak because I was usually quite when I would wake up. When I finished the sandwich he asked me a question to which I was unable to respond. I just sort of stood there staring at him. He kept trying to get something out of me but I wasn’t saying a word. It was then that he knew something was awfully wrong. We had an upstairs apartment so he helped me down the stairs, helped me in the car and took me to the hospital. Two weeks later I was able to speak again but my right arm still wouldn’t work. Fourteen years later I still struggle with fine motor skills when using my right hand. I have a great life but not everything is normal. I am a stroke survivor and wonder if I will ever fully recover from what happend to me. I’ve been told it’s not likley by many people and am still looking for a professional therapist to help me but I can’t find a good person to lean on. Thanks for your time and may nothing like this ever happen to anybody. It is one of the worst things that can ever happen to a human being.