Jasmine H.

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I am … a Survivor.

At the age 17 I suffered a stroke. I had a massive blood clot that covered the entire backside of my brain and went into my left jugular vein. The pressure from the clot caused a blood vessel in my brain to burst and bleed. I had what the doctors called a triple threat, a blood clot, stroke, and bleed. When they saw how severe my condition was the sent me to the ICU and put me on life support. They sent the chaplin in to comfort my family and prepare them for my death. I was unresponsive for 3 days. The doctors still to this day are not sure how but I went home 5 days later. I went a outpatient rehab center to help me recover. I went from not being able to remember what 2 + 2 equals to graduating highschool 6 months later.