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I am … a Survivor.

November 15 around 1am I woke myself because I could hear myself making odd noise and rolloing my head back and forth. My thinking was clear and not realizing what was going on, I decided to get out of bed… did not realize I had no feeling on my right side I want to stand up and immediately fell to the floor. My husband rushed to my side, but I couldn’t speak and couldn’t get up. He held on to me and tried sitting me up… all I could think is … oh God not this way… after a minute or so, I got my feeling back and my speech.. we sat there looking at each other trying to figure out what just happened… I looked at my ankle and saw it was swelling… we decided to go to the hospital. Long story short… I broke my ankle while having a stroke. They couldn’t explain much… didn’t see much.. so I went home. Two days later, I ended up back in t hospital with a DVT and several PE’s. I had another MRI and then they saw the stroke. Still unexplained to me is how that clot got to my brain… we have never found a reason. However, I survived a stroke at 53 years old!