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I am … a Survivor.

I am 49 on a friday morning 10/23/15, I never had any signs i knew of. My four year old daughter I gave her a shower and got her dressed for school and when i said something to her she went to get daddy right away she knew something was wrong. I got to the hospital in the time frame for the tpa proceedure. I was in hospital 3 days and in one week i went back to work stuttering and not being totally me but i figure if you dont use it you lose it.The doctor in the er told my husband that with the tpa that i should not have another stroke but i dont know if i believe that. Anyone know the likely of that being true. Ishmetic stroke that was 4 cm from my cartic artery to us on the left side of my brain. i dont feel all the way me for sure. I can not take my food and have sensitivity on my right side. There are all of things that i still dont understand i have numbness and somethings i am get scared i will have another. I am in sales of cars and sometimes it is hard to communicate but customers understand and after 3 months i finally can talk normal and on video like i used to doing commercials.