Support groups for survivors and caregivers are key to recovering from stroke. Support groups connect you with others who have similar stories. It’s where you will find new friends, support, hope and encouragement as you embark on your post-stroke journey.

Find a stroke support group in your area by using our Stroke Group Finder:

  1. Enter your zip code.
  2. Enter mileage radius.
  3. Your search will display registered stroke groups near you.

Once a group or list of groups appears, you may click on any group for more details.

Many groups continue to experience difficulties post-pandemic. Some had to suspend meetings or change the format of their meetings. It’s important that you use the contact information provided to check for meeting schedule changes before trying to attend any meeting. But the good news is that more groups are forming or restarting, so check back frequently as new groups register regularly.

If you're a group leader and would like to update your information or register your group, visit our Support Group Leaders section.