Help and Support

Your stroke is yours alone. But it takes a team for your recovery

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From caregivers to support groups, your network can lift you up — and help rehabilitate your body and mind.

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For Family Caregivers

Caregivers deserve our appreciation. The stroke survivor’s family is often the most important source of long-term support during recovery and rehabilitation. But who takes care of the caregiver?

Finding Support: You Are Not Alone

Stroke survivors and their family caregivers need help adjusting to the changes in their lives. Connecting with other survivors and caregivers to share experiences, information and advice can be incredibly beneficial.

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Stroke Heroes

Stand up and be recognized! Who has made a major impact in your post-stroke life? Who has gone above and beyond? Whether it’s to recognize small encouragements or big gestures, now’s your chance to say thanks.

More Resources

Stroke Resource Library 

For Patients and Caregivers

All of our educational materials in one convenient section.   

Support Group Leader Resources

Stroke support groups allow survivors and caregivers to create meaningful lives after stroke.

Resources for Single Stroke Survivors

Finding formal or informal support networks can help ease the burden for caregivers.

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Stroke Family Warmline

The Warmline connects stroke survivors and their families with an ASA team member who can provide support, helpful information or just a listening ear. Call our Stroke Family Warmline at 1-888-4-STROKE (1-888-478-7653).

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