collage of healthcare workers and families in Hawaii

Hawai'i Faces
of Heart

For 100 years, the American Heart Association, along with our volunteers, supporters and collaborating organizations, has worked to build longer, healthier lives.

Who are the Faces of Heart in Hawai'i? They are the heart and soul of our community—individuals who’ve selflessly given their time, shared their stories, and championed our mission. YOU are part of this incredible journey.

As we mark our centennial, we’re opening our hearts and sharing our stories. Join us, listen in, and add your voice to the chorus of hope and healing.

And there’s no letting up in the next 100 years as we remain devoted to a future of health and hope for everyone, everywhere.

After losing his dad eight years ago to congestive heart failure,

Brandt Farias saw firsthand the incredible level of care and concern that the physicians and nurses provided. Because of his experience, he wanted to do more to support a cause that had become near and dear to him. Now serving as chair of the American Heart Association Hawaii’s board of directors, one of Brandt’s top priorities is addressing the health disparities among certain populations who need more care, outreach and awareness of the Heart Association’s services. Whether by diet and exercise, he believes there is so much that can and should be done to curtail the incidence of chronic illnesses in high-risk groups and help get people on the right path to healthier, more productive lives.

For Brandt, celebrating 100 years of the Heart Association pays homage to the legacy of this organization, all the amazing work done and all the lives saved. We’re so grateful for Brandt’s service, dedication and passion to share his story as part of our Faces of Heart campaign.

As a healthy and active young woman, Jackie noticed something was wrong with her heart.

In June 2003, she went running and her heart stopped. That year she received her first pacemaker, and since then, the American Heart Association has been a huge part of her life. As a Native Hawaiian and arrythmia survivor, she continues to find fulfillment in sharing her story. "I never asked myself the 'why me,'" she said. "What I chose to do is to take my experience and shed light for other people." 
It’s stories like Jackie’s and the millions of other survivors around the world that create the story of the American Heart Association. For 100 years we’ve pioneered scientific discovery and transformed health care. And we’re just getting started. With American Heart Association’s Bold Hearts centennial celebration — and the support of donors like you — we’re building toward our second lifesaving century as a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives. Mahalo, Jackie, for being part of our Faces of Heart campaign!

With pervasive heart issues in her family, Mary has been volunteering with the Association since 1990.

For her, it’s personal. She lost her mom, dad, and grandmother to strokes, and her grandfather to a heart attack. Mary feels privileged to serve on our local, national and regional boards, where she has met the most incredible people who have ignited her passion for public education on issues surrounding heart attack and stroke.

When Mary’s dad had a stroke in 2016, he didn’t follow the guidelines that she had been trying to publicize for years. She became passionate about raising awareness about the warning signs of a stroke and treatments available to help survivors live long and healthy lives. Today, Mary is honored to be part of our commitment to making a difference.

Focused on making a difference in his community, Ben was diagnosed

as a young child with two congenital heart defects. Thanks to research funded by the Association, Ben was able to treat the defects and lead a normal life! 

Behind Ben’s story and the stories of millions of other survivors around the world, is the story of the Association and our Faces of Heart campaign. For 100 years the American Heart Association has saved and improved lives, pioneered scientific discovery and advocated for healthy communities. As a board member, he’s met families who have been impacted in a real and profound way.

Over our 100-year history, we’ve saved and improved countless lives. In our next 100 years, we’re taking it even further by ensuring everyone, everywhere enjoys their healthiest lives. Our future is about improving yours. Join us!