David K

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I am … a Survivor.

My stroke was my own fault! Check your blood pressure, manage your diet! Did I do these things before the stroke? No. So the result was, in retrospect, entirely predictable. Who knew I had diabetes, high blood pressure?  My systolic BP was in the mid to high 200’s ehen I arrived at the ER. Excellent care at the three hospitals I was sent to probably limited the damage.

The stroke wiped out my peripheral vision, and my ability to read (aphasia). As a former IT tech (my other pre-stoke job), I use technology to compensate for my deficiencies.

Now, I manage my risk factors aggresively. I walk four miles a day, do brain training games and exercises, eat smartly, and othersise take care of me. I am able to mainint a positive outlook because it could have been so much worse.