Daniel G.

Photo of Daniel G.

I am … a Survivor.

Three years ago, when my career was going great, I was knocked down by a devastating brainstem stroke. Doctors said I would not be able to stand up within 18 months, and my voice loss might be permanent. I went from someone who did not have any health issue to someone who could not even sit up.

Today, I have recovered much beyond the initial prognosis. I am walking everyday for 3 miles. My voice is largely recovered.

In my recovery, I was lucky to get in touch with 2 fellow survivors who had remarkable recoveries. They coached me with the best tips and insights.

I am now very actively involved in the local stroke community. Stroke remains one of the most underappreciated, underserved and underfunded health challenges. Peer to peer support that has saved me should be made available to every family.