Catherine H.

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I am … a Survivor.

I had my first stroke in 2009 at the age of 47. the second was in 2016. Neither stroke was severe. However the last one did leave me with diminished use of my dominant hand. I have managed around everything except the emotional and financial aspects of a stroke. Work was always my life. 30 years of factory work, a job that requires manual dexterity. Social Security says i’m disabled to where I can’t perform the work I have always done but I can do something. However I don’t have a business of my own or a college degree. Needless to say at 53 it is not easy to get work, out of 100 resumes I got called in for one interview. I get e-mails telling me I’m not what they’re looking for at this time. That was even the response I got from Wendys.

I have worked with BVR for a year. They don’t want to spend any money to train someone my age for a new carreer. So almost 2 years later they finally agreed to 4 weeks of training at Goodwill. I think after paying in for so many years I should get treated better by my government. Goodwill agreed that wasn’t adequate training to start a whole new career. Don’t feel confident at all. I’m waiting to see the miracle BVR is going to perform to turn my machining background resume into a resume for office work with no experience and not much training. People who have worked all their lives should be treated with a bit more respect than we’re sorry you worked hard all your life to build a career and now you can’t do that well how about scrubbing toilets for $8 an hour. Its better than nothing they say. No its not. People that SS says by their definition aren’t disabled but can’t perform previouse work should get better rehabilitation back into a new career. Or from having a career to now just having a job. SS is no help and neither are state and county agencies. All the stress you have to deal with from the places that are supposed to help you. I guess they figure you have to give up if you die.