hidden National Stroke Association – Stroke Center Network (SCN) Membership Benefits

National Stroke Association – Stroke Center Network (SCN) Membership Benefits

Features that are included in your membership Complimentary enrollment for 100 staff members with unlimited access to the new accredited National Stroke Association University. The University offers members a robust library of on-demand educational courses presented by world-renowned speakers that can be accessed via a computer, tablet or mobile device. Current topics include: Educating and



Escuche Nuestros Anuncios en Español 30 segundas (mp3) Un minuto (mp3) National Stroke Association Recursos Folletos Puntaje de Riesgo de ACV El Ataque Cerebral Para Reducir Los Riesgos ¿Que Es Un Ataque Cerebrovascular? Hojas de Datos Accidente cerebrovascular 101 Cómo reducir el riesgo y reconocer los síntomas El accidente cerebrovascular y la presión arterial alta

hidden iHOPE: Pain Discussion Guide

iHOPE: Pain Discussion Guide

A discussion guide to help moderate conversation after watching the webinar, iHOPE: Pain. Share it with your support group, family, friends and/or caregiver(s). Download Word Document version

hidden NSA Stroke Center Network Members Directory

NSA Stroke Center Network Members Directory

The directory of Stroke Center Network – organizations that are committed to developing centers of excellence for acute and rehabilitative stroke care. This PDF is a list of National Stroke Association’s Stroke Center Network (SCN) members. SCN members exhibit a strong and clear commitment to providing quality stroke care at their facility. Members represent a

hidden Spasticity Treatment Dialogue Tool 2018

Spasticity Treatment Dialogue Tool 2018

Spasticity is one of the most common post-stroke conditions experienced by stroke survivors. If left untreated, it can decrease the survivor’s quality of life and increase caregiver burden. To find the right treatment, it is important that an open dialogue is established between the healthcare provider and the survivor/caregiver. This dialogue tool is designed to

hidden Stroke Support Groups Registration Form 2018

Stroke Support Groups Registration Form 2018

If you have questions about registering your  Stroke Support Group, please contact us at 1-800-787-6537or by email at supportgroups@stroke.org. If you would like to update your group’s information, please complete and send a registration form to supportgroups@stroke.org.

hidden LEAP Facilitators Module 4

LEAP Facilitators Module 4

Positively Surviving The main focus of Module 4 is to focus on what is “right” as opposed to what is “wrong,” or on the positive aspects of survivorship. Attendees will focus on their Wellness Wheel to identify sources of positive energy in their lives. Learning Objectives At the conclusion of the module, participants should be

hidden LEAP Facilitator Responsibilities

LEAP Facilitator Responsibilities

Facilitator Responsibilities In Group Building The facilitator establishes trust and provides leadership and structure by: Assuming leadership of each group meeting. Establishing and following through on ground rules. Clearly defining norms (expectations) for the group. Keeping the group on task, beginning and ending on time. Providing process for group closure (at each meeting and if

hidden LEAP Treating Stroke With Drug Therapies

LEAP Treating Stroke With Drug Therapies

Objectives Medications used to prevent stroke Prevention of strokes in patients with Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) Risk avoidance when using antiplatelets and anticoagulants Supplement-drug interactions Drugs used to treat cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes Download Power Point File

hidden LEAP Recovery and Rehabilitation

LEAP Recovery and Rehabilitation

Objectives Rehabilitation as a lifelong journey Rehabilitation goals and success factors Therapy interventions – PT/OT/SLP Sample interventions and examples Review main points Questions Download Power Point File

hidden LEAP Stroke 101

LEAP Stroke 101

Objectives Types of strokes Stroke warning signs Stroke risk factors Medical test performed following a stroke Emergency treatments available for stroke patients Primary and secondary stroke prevention Download Power Point File

hidden LEAP Nutrition Post-stroke

LEAP Nutrition Post-stroke

Objectives Common diet modifications after a stroke Nutritional information and guidelines Meat substitutes Loss of appetite Tips for dining out Download Power Point File

hidden LEAP_Evaluations


LEAP_Evaluations Evaluations of the LEAP program allow for continuous improvement. You may share the results of your LEAP Modules and overall evaluations with us by faxing them to (303) 649-1328.