hidden Lora A

Lora A

I am … a Survivor. My father died of ischemic CVA in 1993..Then 8 months later,at age 34, I had my first Stroke…Had to learn to walk/talk again…Then a second stroke for me in 1995….And a third Stroke in 1997, leaving. me with a heart problem and again having to learn to walk/ talk again….I

hidden Courtney G.

Courtney G.

I am … a Survivor. July 2016 I was having a good night with my friend and sons. I didn’t have any headaches or wasn’t feeling dizzy, everything was just fine. I got up the next morning, and my friend had asked me to charge his phone up, well, I couldn’t hold on to the

hidden Kristen K

Kristen K

I am … a Survivor. I was a normal healthy child, until one morning I woke up and I had left sided weakness. I was only 8 years old when I found out I had a stroke. As far as I can remember I had no warning signs. I realized something was wrong when I

hidden Kayla A

Kayla A

I am … a Survivor. Ten years ago I was a student at The University of Texas at Austin.  I was thriving academically, happy, healthy and an avid runner.  Needless to say life was wonderful.  Little did I know my existence was about to take an unexpected turn that would change my life forever.  One

hidden Julie O

Julie O

I am … a Survivor. On Halloween night 2017, I was trick-or-treating with my daughter and I suddenly started to lose vision in my right eye.  I wasn’t sick, nor dizzy.  I didn’t have a headache, nor was I nausious so I kept walking.  About 20 minutes later, the vision in my right eye went

hidden Marilyn C

Marilyn C

I am … a Survivor. I am an RN, at the age of 64. I had my stroke. It affected the right side of my body and my speech. I was one of the lucky ones, I got to the hospital and was given TPA which resolved the clot and my speech returned. It’s been

hidden Margaret J

Margaret J

I am … a Survivor. Surviving and Thriving By Margaret Johnson as told to Linda Chism An odd sensation covered my entire body as I stepped into the half bath, and I felt a need to move toward the couch in the den.  I never made it.  A massive headache, worse than the pain of

hidden Curtis P.

Curtis P.

I am … a Survivor. Hope After Stroke My name is Curtis Parker. On September 21, 2013 I had a stroke. I was 59 years old in excellent health. I was playing basketball three days per week and jogging twice a week. I had been doing some form of exercise 5 plus days per week

hidden Doyle F

Doyle F

I am … a Survivor. Pain. That was the only warning sign, pain in my neck that just kept getting worse. Looking back, I can’t even remember when it started now; maybe October of 2016…maybe September, regardless it lasted into 2017. What’s funny (if you could call it that) is knowing what I know now,

hidden Lenny B

Lenny B

I am … a Survivor. Two weeks after my 30th birthday I experienced an unusual headache, which I initially believed to be a symptom of my cold and passed it off as another migraine.  However, unlike past migraines, new and puzzling symptoms arose: while attending a Saturday Octoberfest with a friend, I felt a pop

hidden Linda C

Linda C

I am … Other. The Stroke By Boyce Fullmer as told to Linda Chism Computer technology had always come easy to me, and I had spent most of my life as a very capable programmer and systems administrator.  I could fix just about anything that could possibly go wrong.  One day, however, it was me

hidden Michael M

Michael M

I am … a Survivor. Unlikely Survivor I should not be here to tell this story but I am so I hope those who read it enjoy. Everyone has had times in their lives where they have been in life threatening situations. In my case, the number of times is a bit overwhelming. As a

hidden Marlin F

Marlin F

I am … a Survivor. On November 15 th I suffered a stroke that has changed my life.  Thankful for my Wife and Daughter I was rushed to the Hospital for help.  Time is Brain. On the road to recovery now and looking for support groups to help me get educated on recovery.

hidden Samantha B

Samantha B

I am … a Survivor. I am 39 years old, a wife, mother to three amazing children and one beautiful granddaughter. On April 15, 2017 my life would change forever. I woke up to such extreme dizziness that I couldn’t get my eyes open and sweat just pouring off me. With the dizziness came severe

hidden Pamela H

Pamela H

I am … a Survivor. Headaches began tormenting me in the Summer of 2008.  They would come on suddenly as if I was being hit in the back of the neck with a 2×4 was the best way I could describe it.  They would come and go.  I went to multiple doctors trying to figure

hidden Lindsay D

Lindsay D

I am … a Survivor. On April 16, 2017, Easter Sunday, I was very sick and having trouble breathing. I thought it was the flu or an infection until my mom(a respiratory therapist) came over and found my oxygen to be at 80. We drove straight to the ER where my oxygen dropped to 60.

hidden Monika P

Monika P

I am … a Survivor. I was just 39 when I suffered an ischemic stroke 7/27/14. I am proud to say I am a stroke survivor. It struck out of nowhere, no warning and I spent months trying to think if I missed some small clue what lay ahead.  I became instantly 1/2 paralyzed. What

hidden Shannon H

Shannon H

I am … a Survivor. Unlike many people, I cannot equate my story to one moment in time, but rather my story began in October 2013.  Simply getting out of bed one morning, I felt a pop in my neck and a shooting pain instantaneously surge to the top of my head.  A very strange

hidden Ronda T

Ronda T

I am … a Survivor. I went out for St. Patrick’s day as normal 30 somethings are known to do. After a few drinks I started to feel very nauseous, I called my fiance and asked him to get me. That’s one of the last things I remember, I went to the restroom and passed

hidden Kirsten H.

Kirsten H.

I am … a Survivor. My name is Kirsten Hutchinson and I currently live in Fairbanks, Alaska. At approximately 10pm on Saturday, February 4, 2017, I suffered an acute left cerebellar stroke. Another description would be: a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) due to occlusion of vertebral artery. I was 27 years old. At the time of my

hidden David K

David K

I am … a Survivor. My stroke was my own fault! Check your blood pressure, manage your diet! Did I do these things before the stroke? No. So the result was, in retrospect, entirely predictable. Who knew I had diabetes, high blood pressure?  My systolic BP was in the mid to high 200’s ehen I

hidden Kathryn M

Kathryn M

I am … a Survivor. It all began three months prior to that one scary August night that would change my life forever. I started developing intense migraines out of the blue; I had never had a headache in my life and all of sudden I found myself getting them nearly every day. Some, however

hidden Rodney C

Rodney C

I am … a Survivor. My name is Rodney and I am a survivor. I had a ‘ Lacunar Pontine Infarct ‘. Better known as a Pons Stroke. I was a 53 year old in great shape. They determined it to be heredity as I had none of the issues that cause stroke. My heritage

hidden Ron L

Ron L

I am … a Survivor. Our therapy dog travels ministers to stroke patients and assist in their recovery with the unconditional love of a dog. I should know I am recovering from a mini stroke with the help of our sweet Molly and God’s amazing Grace!!:) Because Every Life Really Matters, Chaplin Ron www.k9forchrist.org Over 700