Carena L.

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I am … a Survivor.

My life changed on January 30, 2006. I was at work hosting a meeting when I began stumbling over my words. My tongue felt swollen so I continued stumbling as I read. I ended the meeting early, went to my deskin and Googled stroke symptoms. I hadn’t lost strength so I didn’t have the symptoms described. I still left and went to the hospital. I passed the strength test and had no high bp or cholesterol. Doc said I may have had an allergic reaction to something, gave me meds, and sent me home. I was still nervous because I didn’t feel the same. I woke up the next morning and and lost my balance and now my speech is slurred. I went back to the hospital and lo and behold, was admitted due to a stroke. Eleven years later, the doctors still haven’t determined what the cause was. It’s scary because I didn’t and still don’t know what to change. My right side was affected but physical therapy and speech therapy helped me through most of the impediments. I am unable to run without my right leg locking up. When I am cold or nervous, my right arm and leg still locks up. I am so grateful to be a survivor and share my story.