Anna N.

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I am … a Survivor.

I have had 2 strokes..the 1st was 2003..I was 34….second after my 47 birthday. .I was so angry. .because I knew what was happening. ..why Lord?Because my mom and oldest brother had numerous strokes out of 12 siblings I was the unlucky one…I stopped smoking in 2010 but yet again..I stroked. My left lip went numb…then my left arm then my leg….going to do errands and trying to ignore. ..just though..go into walkin…just get checked…failed all tests..doc said I can call an ambulance or call family if local. …drove myself to ER…I was so angry this S*&^ was happening again . Vertigo is the end result..back to work but afraid to lose my job..vertigo and so boss doesn’t care…I work 50 hours a week. I have been with them 31 years.