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Do We Look Like Victims?

When you look at this picture, what do you see?  Do you see someone that is paralyzed, can’t speak or walk without a device? Do you see someone that has cognitive problems or depression? Do you see someone with brain damage?

Yes, you do.  You would never know from this picture.  The reason for that is stroke survivors are exactly like everyone else.  They feel joy, pain, and sadness.  They may seem different after a stroke but they are still striving for better despite their obstacles.

The people in this picture are a part of me.  They are a part of the team I am privileged to work with, caregivers that never get enough credit for what they do, and stroke survivors that have overcome obstacles that you couldn’t imagine.

The Stroke Survivor Group of Methodist Germantown Hospital took it upon themselves to plan and organize a Christmas party not for themselves but for other stroke survivors that have recently had strokes. During the party everyone made sure to reach out to families that were still in the early phases of surviving a stroke.   In the support group world, this is the pinnacle.  Giving back to other survivors is an important part of the healing process and this group did it beautifully. I couldn’t be more proud of these survivors and caregivers.  They are the true heroes.