Alicia G.

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I am … a Survivor.

I am a mother, a daughter and a sister.  And I am a three-year Stroke Survivor.  I can remember every detail of that day in October, 2012 when I was in my closet .. looking for something to wear to an event the next day.  My equilibrium felt “off”, but I didn’t know why.   I didn’t know then that the reason I bumped into the wall; felt dizzy and lightheaded; dropped my bowl of soup and then rolled off of the chair onto the floor — was because I had experienced a (ischemic) stroke!  I spoke with a friend by phone who said, “Your voice sounds odd.”  This behavior went on for most of the day until my son called 9-1-1 after watching me walk across the room.  When you’re the victim of a stroke, you can’t “see” yourself in action — walking zig-zag — nor can you “hear” your speech slurring.  Fast forward to 2015 …. while it took a few months to get back to feeling like “myself” again; I have memories of using a “walker” to practice and forcing myself to type with both hands (my stroke was on the right side and impacted the left side)  to strengthen my left hand.  To this day, even though I still feel numbness in my joints and left arm and there’s a few words that I have trouble pronouncing, I know my outcome could have been very different.  And for that I feel very blessed.