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I am … a Survivor.

Hello everyone, my name is alejandra i am a 29 year old stroke survivor, the day i suffered my stroke i was with some friends o e of them had asked me fr a ride to run an arrand as i was dri ing i started to feel odd and weird like if i knew something was going to happen when we got to my friends friends house we went into the garage to chat when we were there her friend started asking me questions anf i was trying to answear but the mote i tryed to talk the less i could understand whT i was saying i tryed to stand up anf i fell knees first my legs had to stregth at all her husband came to help and i tried to get up again and again i fell i tried and how ever i could i helped with my right leg to get to the couch where i waited for the ambulance, when i arrived to the hospital i had almost no oxygen left in my brain they said if i would waited 15 more minutes i would of died doctors ordered a lot of tests but didnt know what was wrong finally ordered a ctscan and dicovered my stroke was the size of a peach they took me to the operating room asap and gave my family the bews tnst i had 5% chance making it through the operation