Agnes A

photo fo AgnesI am … a Survivor.

People are in disbelieve that I made it through this event. It started in July of 2018 when I had the worst headache of my life cliche. My husband noticed I was walking into walls and seemed very disoriented. I had no numbness droop or dizziness I even took a shower. Ric started asking me questions like my name date of birth you know typical stuff when I didn’t know answers he immediately knew something was wrong and rushed me to hospital where a CT scan was performed showing a brain bleed, because the hospital felt it was out of their relm of expertise I was airlifted to Baptist hospital which had top neurologists on staff.

It was surreal, Ric accompanied me to emergency where the team took an MRI showing 2 periatal bleeds and subarachnoid bleeding I was immediately admitted to ICU for observation and my blood pressure was somewhere around 165/90 so I was put on BP iIV meds along with anti seizure meds bleeding finally stabilized and I was sent to step down but headache was still pretty bad they only gave me Tylenol which didn’t help much.

I was then sent to rehab I had no major motor problems with speech or vision. I went through rehab and progressed rapidly. Headaches subsided but cognitive was slowest to return. Nuerogist did not find out why this happened they ruled out avm and tumors. My time in hospital was one month and now I am completely independent including driving….I am beyond grateful for my luck in surviving a possible fatal hemmorhagic stroke I am a stroke survivor