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Important News About the National Stroke Association & American Stroke Association

Thank you for your past support of the National Stroke Association (NSA). For more than 35 years of independent operation, the NSA has helped countless patients, families, and caregivers. As we look to the future, the NSA’s board of directors has decided that the best opportunity for continued success and growth is to fold our efforts into those of the American Stroke Association (ASA), a division of the American Heart Association (AHA). Our common goal remains—to reduce death and disability from stroke. This will ensure that our combined resources are working harder to reduce the toll that stroke takes on families, communities and our nation by eliminating the redundancies of separate operations and infrastructures.

The ASA spent $168.8 million last year on stroke research, advocacy, public and professional education, treatment and recovery efforts, and more. With your continued support, we can do even more.

Moving forward, if you’d like to continue to get the latest updates and insights on stroke, we encourage you to subscribe to the American Stroke Association’s Together to End Stroke e-newsletter by clicking here.

For general questions or concerns about ASA or NSA programs and resources or for stroke information and support, please contact the ASA at 1-888-4-STROKE (1-888-478-7653) or at American Stroke Association, National Center, 7272 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75231.

Please send business correspondence related to the National Stroke Association and its dissolution to: PO Box 461780, Aurora, CO 80046-1780. This mailbox will be available until December 31, 2019.