Stroke Hero Awards

Honoring individuals and groups in the stroke community who have shown resilience and outstanding progress.

Learn more about each of the 2022 Stroke Hero Awards winners below.

The Stroke Hero Awards are awarded in six categories to those who educate, inspire and raise awareness about stroke locally or nationally. 

Learn more about our previous Stroke Hero Award recipients.
Stroke is the No. 5 killer and a leading cause of disability in the U.S.

Award Categories 

Nominations were accepted in the first five categories below, while public vote determined the Voters’ Choice Hero.

Survivor Hero

Honors an individual who has survived a stroke and used their experience to educate, inspire and bring awareness about stroke.

2022 Winner: Deb Shaw

Pediatric Hero

Honors an individual younger than 18 who has survived a stroke and overcome significant hurdles and whose family has used its experience to educate, inspire, and bring awareness to stroke.

2022 Winner: Kyler Lewis

Caregiver Hero

Honors an individual who has cared for a stroke survivor and used their experience to educate, inspire and bring awareness about stroke. This award is for a personal caregiver, not a provider acting in a professional capacity.

2022 Winner: Elyse Newland

Equity Hero

Honors an individual who promotes the goal of health equity in their work with those at risk for stroke, stroke survivors and stroke caregivers, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be as healthy as possible.

2022 Winner: Andrew Suggs

Group Heroes

Honors a group committed to educating, inspiring and bringing awareness about stroke. This can include stroke support groups, stroke teams, families, private associations, medical facilities and more.

2022 Winner: International Association for Pediatric Stroke

Voters’ Choice Hero

Honors an individual or group making an outstanding effort to educate, inspire and bring awareness about stroke on a local or national level. Judges selected the contenders from the nominations received in the other five categories.

2022 Winner: David Moskowitz

Awards Timeline

Date(s) Activity
January 1-31, 2022 Nominations accepted
February 2022 Nominations judged
Early March 2022 Voters’ Choice Hero candidates determined
March 17 – 31, 2022 Voters’ Choice Hero voting
April 18 – 23, 2022 Winners Announced

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