2011 RAISE Awards

2011 RAISE Award Winners

From left: Pat Duthie (Most Creative), Mary Kay VanDriel (Most Creative), Tom Watson (Outstanding Individual), Henry Winkler (Media Spokesperson), Brandi Nester (Outstanding Group), Marie Johnstad (Most Impactful), Debra Walters (Outstanding Group). (Not pictured: Susan Lucci – Media Spokesperson)

Most Creative

Value Health Partners (VHP) is comprised of seven Michigan healthcare systems joining to create greater value for their patients and communities. They engaged high school students to create 30-second videos using FAST messaging. Winning videos were promoted locally while VHP hospitals monitored patient activity related to stroke to help measure outcomes. View the winning videos at www.youtube.com/user/valuehealthpartners.

Outstanding Group

The multidisciplinary stroke team at the University of Mississippi Health Care is responsible for educating or performing risk assessments on more than 6000 people over the past year and thousands more through other community outreach activities.

Photo collage of the UMHC Stroke Center team

Most Impactful

Mary Kay VanDriel of Value Health Partners, winner of the Most Creative RAISE Award.

RiverView Health
RiverView Healthcare Speech Pathology Department, in conjunction with the area Northwest Service Cooperative Adult Basic Education, developed the Aphasia Literacy Group for stroke survivors in rural northwestern Minnesota. Members have gained 1st to 2nd grade levels in skills, and individualized goals are developed for each participant.

photo collage of the Aphasia Literacy Group

Outstanding Individual

Tom Watson

Tom Watson is an artist and stroke survivor who exhibits his survival-inspired art around the Dayton, Ohio area, sharing his story along with it. Tom’s mission in all of this is to share the healing power of art and expression with others as he works through his own troubles overcoming stroke. See more of his art at www.facebook.com/tomwatson3rd.art and www.myspace.com/lemonadehead.

Photo collage of Tom Watson and his art

Media Spokesperson

Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler is the campaign ambassador for “Open Arms: Raising Awareness of Upper Limb Spasticity,” a campaign to raise awareness for upper limb spasticity. Through online webinars, in-person seminars and online and print materials, Henry has been integral in initiating a nationwide dialogue regarding this condition. Learn more at www.openarmscampaign.com.

Photo of Henry Winkler

Media Spokesperson

Susan Lucci

Susan Lucci and her husband, Helmut Huber, who lives with atrial fibrillation (AFib), are passionate about educating the public about the connection between AFib and stroke. Through their involvement in the “Facing AFib, Get Serious About Stroke™” program, the couple aims to raise awareness and understanding of AFib and the five-fold increased risk of stroke associated with the condition. Their efforts include filming a nationally-distributed public service announcement, participating in media activities and encouraging patients and their loved ones to visit the “Facing AFib website. “Having been happily married for more than 41 years, Helmut and I are a true team. We know how much a stroke can impact all aspects of our family, and we’re doing everything we can to reduce his risk,” said Lucci. Learn more at www.facingafib.com.