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LEAP: Lifelong Education & Advocacy ProgramLEAP, the Lifelong Education and Advocacy Program, is a four-module program designed to be delivered by healthcare professionals to stroke survivors and caregivers. The program was developed by healthcare professionals and experts in stroke care as a systematic approach to post-stroke education. LEAP provides information about stroke, how to prevent a second one and rehabilitation options, and encourages survivors to live their best lives.

There are more than 7 million stroke survivors in the U.S. and the number is growing daily. Pressures on the healthcare system are limiting the amount of time that survivors spend in acute care and at the same time, expecting better outcomes.

Research has shown that a well-organized, post-stroke education program results in improved recovery outcomes for stroke survivors.

LEAP is designed to be presented in four modules. Each of the modules is structured with a recommended and timed agenda of presentations and activities, yet allows the flexibility to address participants’ specific concerns.

The LEAP e-kit has all the tools needed to provide a comprehensive post-stroke education program for stroke survivors and caregivers.

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