Stroke Resources

I had my stroke at 32, and I had no clue what to expect or what resources were availagble to me. It was a very difficult road to recovery, both mentally and physically. But it can be done, and you can do it. Just never give up! - Martha Lyn Willians,

Stroke Support Groups

In addition to providing social opportunities, stroke support groups promote wellness by helping members with making difficult decisions, problem solving, and locating local resources. Start or find a support group in your area.

StrokeSmart Magazine

StrokeSmart is National Stroke Association’s premier informational offering for the stroke community. A subscription includes a print magazine, e-newsletter and access to a companion website that will bring you the stories and news of a community and world impacted by stroke—all for free.

Stroke Help Line

National Stroke Association’s Stroke Help Line is here to help connect you with resources and answer questions about stroke prevention, treatment and recovery. Find out how to connect with our Stroke Help Line volunteers and Customer Relations staff.

Resource Library

National Stroke Association’s multimedia library offers a one-stop shop for stroke information in a variety of formats.

Newsletters & News

We offer several ways to stay informed about important breaking stroke news, updates on National Stroke Association offerings and ways to connect with others impacted by stroke.

Raise Awareness of Stroke