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My Stroke story  Botox and upper limb spacicity

Janury 28,2017

Some Background:

Stroke occured December 2010. Recovery and rehabilitation in Hospital, Local Brain injury location, at home follwed by 5 +years on in home and outpatiet therapy (both physical and occupational).

This story starts in early 2016 when I am reffered to a local Physician who has experience in using the varios forms of Botox to treat stroke cause spasisity. After a Doctor’s visit I was judged as a good candidate for treatments using one of the four approved variations of Botox. Strating in March andcontinuing tru to the time of the writing, ac series of 4 shots per visit have been adminstered. This occurred after insurance (both Medicar and Private) aggreed to cove cost. With no side effects and acceptable progress a series of shot were spaced at approximately 18 weeks with follow ups every 3 to 6 weeks inbetwen. As Botox is a controlled poison, it is rigorusly controlled from manufacturing down to administration. It is not an over night type of progress but it has been significant when taken as a collective body of results. It is now understood that the relaxation odf certain muscle groups will allow fot trained manipulation flexor muscles to gain strenght and range of motion. I will update this story as the journey continues.