National Stroke Association Teams Up with RapidSOS to Provide Free Access to Revolutionary Safety App

The National Stroke Association today announced a partnership with RapidSOS, an advanced emergency technology start-up revolutionizing personal safety and family connectivity.

The partnership will offer free access to the RapidSOS Haven app for one year, providing individuals with enhanced access to emergency services. Haven sends important data to 9-1-1 to aid in fast emergency response and better situational awareness for first responders.

Working together, RapidSOS and the National Stroke Association will support those at risk of strokes, and their families, by providing peace of mind that emergency help is one touch away when they need it. With one tap on Haven, the app connects the user with the nearest dispatch center anywhere in the contiguous U.S., while providing a voice connection and a data pipeline to 9-1-1, to transmit:

● Precise location

● Type of emergency

● Relevant medical and demographic data

● Text messages: Haven currently speaks the text message to the dispatcher

Upon initial setup of the app, users conveniently enter medical conditions, allergies, and medications, so that life-saving information is communicated directly to 9-1-1 if a user is unable to speak. In addition, when the call with 9-1-1 is over, Haven notifies emergency contacts, so that loved ones stay connected.

“Partnering with the National Stroke Association will help us reach a community that lives with far greater medical needs than most,” said RapidSOS co-founder and CEO Michael Martin. “Those at risk for strokes should have fast and simple access to help if and when they need it.”

The Haven app also includes access to RapidSOS’ Family Connect feature. For the first time, people can call 9-1-1 on behalf of a loved one, transmitting their loved one’s location and relevant data directly to the dispatch center closest to them. Additionally, Family Connect allows users to share their location with loved ones, see family members’ real-time locations without the distraction of a phone call or text, and easily ask family and friends for help. A user can choose who can see their location and when it is shared, ensuring privacy and control.

“The Haven app is a key tool to get medical help quickly and communicate important medical data directly to 9-1-1, especially for individuals at risk of strokes,” said Robyn Moore, CEO of the National Stroke Association. “We all hope that our need for 9-1-1 is rare, but knowing that Haven will help you reach 9-1-1 quickly and reliably is a huge comfort for our community.”

RapidSOS is offering one year of free access to Haven to those associated with the Stroke Association when they sign up here: The Haven app is available for iPhone and Android devices and works anywhere across the contiguous U.S. and Hawaii, with one touch emergency calling in over 250 countries and jurisdictional territories. For more information about RapidSOS and the Haven app, visit

About RapidSOS

RapidSOS was formed in 2012 by a team of M.I.T., Harvard, and Stanford grad students who had personal experiences with the challenges of the existing emergency communication infrastructure. Working closely with the 9-1-1 community, tech and telecom companies, and leading investors, RapidSOS is developing technology to predict and preempt emergencies before they occur, dynamically warn people in harm’s way, and ensure that first responders are one touch away globally. Learn more at

RapidSOS Contact: Michelle Cahn


National Stroke Association Contact: Claudia Randall

Director of Marketing and Communications