iHOPE: Goal Setting for Caregivers

iHOPE: Goal Setting for Caregivers

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Join topic expert Berenice Kleiman, for the webinar Goal Setting for Caregivers and get the latest information about:

  • Goals for various situations from hospital emergencies to returning home
  • Building caregiver judgment and confidence
  • Importance of evolving goals
  • Value of setting goals
  • Progress the first year: what to expect and lessons learned

Berenice Kleiman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in political science and education from Syracuse University, and a master’s in history from Ohio State University. She has spent more than five decades in public relations and marketing as a senior consultant specializing in strategic corporate positioning and crisis communications.

Ms. Kleiman is a caregiver for her husband. Following his stroke, Berenice did what writers do in crisis: she wrote two books detailing her experiences to leave a trail for others. They are “One Stroke, Two Survivors” and “Lessons Learned: Stroke Recovery From a Caregiver’s Perspective.” Both books were published by the Cleveland Clinic Press (www.onestroketwosurvivors.com).

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Nov. 25, 2013.

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