Chase Schweiger - Stroke Survivor

stroke hero chase schweiger

On May 29, 2014, Chase Schweiger suffered a massive stroke.

He was outside playing soccer with his friends when I suddenly heard them say "Chase get up". I turned around and Chase was laying on the ground. He had a blank stare on his face and was drooling. I honestly thought he was playing around. I called 911 immediately. We were rushed to a local hospital where he was diagnosed as having a seizure. However, he was non-verbal for hours after we were brought to the hospital and I also noticed the right side of his mouth was drooping (the Dr. did not). After the EKG and CT Scan came back normal, we waited for him to wake up. After 6 hours of being out and the realization that his right side was not moving, we were transferred to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The MRI was done at CHOP and it proved that a stroke was the cause for his condition and not a seizure. It was a left, middle cerebral artery stroke.

Chase was admitted to the PICU at CHOP. He began physical, occupational and speech therapies while still in the PICU. He had no use of the entire right side of his body. He began talking, but it was only a few words at a time. He remained in the PICU for 2-weeks and was then moved to the Neurology floor. A few days later, he was moved to The Seashore House, the Rehab Unit at CHOP. It was here that Chase endured 6 hours a day of intense rehab. Chase was at CHOP 5/20–8/31/14.Chase walked out of the hospital on his own. He continues with PT,OT and speech. He wears an AFO leg brace and has some movement with his right arm.

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Do you have a Stroke Hero in your Life? 

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