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The Hinton Center


How it started
Nestled in the Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina, where guests retreat, reflect and renew, the Hinton Center conducted a quality of life study in 2016-17 based on an asset-based community development model. The results further revealed the intricacies of generational poverty and the root of poor health in the unique rural southern Appalachian culture.
Consequently, the center transformed its home repair ministry to focus on safe, healthy and more affordable homes in the region that includes three counties in North Carolina and Georgia. It also created the Council for Collaborative Impact to address social determinants of health that relate to housing. Later, the center launched a regional volunteer initiative to connect retirees with opportunities to volunteer in the community.

How it works
As a catalyst in the community for nearly 60 years, the center supports economic development, serves as an incubator for new nonprofits and addresses the quality of housing for neighbors living in poverty.

With an holistic and relational approach, the center works across sectors to better understand the needs of the community, improve quality of life and leverage impact. 
The Council for Collaborative Impact, which is comprised of seven task force areas, coordinates volunteers to help with home repairs, provides checklists and tools and educates homeowners. It also shares information and training opportunities within the professional community to address housing needs, substance use, education, children’s needs, transportation, economic development and technology. 

Understanding how housing, transportation and other related factors are interconnected helps foster collaboration across sectors, increases efficiencies and strengthens opportunities for progress and sustainability.
Funds from rentals at the retreat and conference center goes to improve quality of life in the community.

What’s next
The goal is to continue to scale to meet the increasing needs of many families whose homes need repair.

What’s needed
Additional funding

The Hinton Rural Life Center’s home repair program and collaborative community efforts work to make homes safe, healthy and more affordable in rural Appalachia.  People painting a house at the HInton Center

The Hinton Center

Jacqueline Gottlieb, President and CEO
Hinton Center
Hayesville, North Carolina

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