What Causes Cryptogenic Stroke


 What causes Cryptogenic Stroke

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The Known and Unknown of Stroke

Nearly 800,000 strokes occur in the US each year. Stroke is an interruption of blood flow to the brain. Without oxygen-rich blood, brain cells die.

Types of Stroke

  • Hemorrhagic – Occurs when a weakened blood vessel, like an aneurism, ruptures and spills blood into the brain.
  • Ischemic – Occurs when a clot or mass blocks a blood vessel, cutting off blood flow to a part of the brain.

About 1/3 of ischemic strokes are classified as cryptogenic, meaning the cause is unknown. Finding the cause of a stroke is important because it helps reduce the risk of another stroke.

Possible Hidden Causes

  • Irregular heartbeat [Atrial fibrillation] – AFib patients are at a 5 times greater risk for stroke.

  • Heart structure problem [such as Patent Foreman Ovale]

  • Blood clotting disorder [Thrombophilia] Hardening of the arteries [Large Artery Atherosclerosis]

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