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Charles Robert Tieman 1958-2017

My brother Charles suffered a stroke to his brain stem on April 23, 2017 and was placed on life suport in Houston Texas. My brother was found on the street and it took a couple days to find out who his family was. Unfortunately due to the area of where the stroke was located there was no treatment as he would never be able to awake, open his eyes, he would remain on life support for the rest of his natural life without a quality of life. On May 2 we made that devastarting choice to remove him from life suport and allow him to grow his wings and fly from a body that had betrayed him.

Charlie is my older brother and we miss him dearly. But we know that we did the right thing by him as no one would want to live without a quality of life. We are firm believers of quality over quantity.

Charlie LIVED he truly lived, he made the most out of life, he broke bronc’s, rode in rodes, welded, could tear a engine apart and rebuild it better then ever, he raced cars, he worked construction, he built fine detailed kitchen cabinets, he landscaped. Whatever my brother wanted to do he did, no one could stop him or even contain him. His life was cut short by a stroke, BUT HE LIVED!