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I am … a Survivor.

Stroke Survivor. Hi, I’m Brad.62yo I had my stroke 4th of July weekend 2013 (57yo) what a mess. I didn’t know what FACE was. I wish I did. I started out one day dragging my left foot and dangling my left arm. I went to bed that night as normal. (never heard of a clot-buster) The next day, my ignorant prognosis was that I had just slept on it wrong and the numbness will go away,heh heh.Went to bed again and woke up with same symptoms, called my Dr. he said get to the hospital. I did. I had a stroke but didn’t know it. Spent 3 weeks in Stroke Ward couldn’t move anything on left side.One month later I went back to work (still partially paralized and have been working full time (Electronics Technician). Still have drop foot,I can’t run and my balance is horrible. I’m thankful for what I have, I have seen worse. What I bring away from this is how excrusiatingly long it takes to recover, but so little time to happen. Quit drinking. My suggestion is keep at it, accept that the improvements don’t appear very quick.It will seem like its not getting better until you look back and see where you’ve been (physically).I complain about my slight limp, but remember what my doctor said “focus on what you can do and not what you can’t do” Yeah, You’ve never had a stroke!