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hidden Robert M

Robert M

I am … a Survivor. By Robert “Bam, Bam” Martinez Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am a father, husband, business owner and an avid dog lover. My three fur babies named Dallas an Australian Shepard, Klondike a Husky, and Olly a three-year-old Husky we recently rescued. I have always been a fitness

hidden Susan


I am … a Survivor. I am 34 years old, a wife to Morgan and mummy to Ava and George.  I was a lawyer but have been a stay at home mum for nearly nine years now, which is slightly scary.  I have loved it and I would count it as a job because I

hidden Four Easy Steps to Take your Pulse

Four Easy Steps to Take your Pulse

If you think you might have an irregular or rapid heartbeat, check your pulse. The AFib Alliance offers four easy steps to take your pulse: Sit down for five minutes before checking your pulse and have a watch or clock with a second hand available. Extend your hand palm up with your elbow bent slightly.

hidden Tracy L

Tracy L

I am … a Survivor. My name is Tracy.  I am a stroke survivor – but I shouldn’t be. I had a whole body/brain stroke in 2013. Both sides were affected, not just one as we typically hear of. My stroke occured in the brain stem. The absolutely worst place to have a stroke. A

hidden Seanna K

Seanna K

I am … a Survivor. I am Seanna and I am 31 years old. 6 years ago, 2 weeks shy of my 25th birthday, my entire life changed. I warn everyone now, this is a very, very long story. I woke up and it was a totally normal day. I had work at 3, so

hidden Claudia F

Claudia F

I am … a Survivor. Entry #1 – Claudia Fortunato-Napolitano Hello, my name is Claudia Fortunato-Napolitano. Eighteen months ago, at the age of only thirty-four, I suffered from a stroke. It was a surprise, to say the least, and I am still recovering today.  Here at John’s Crazy Socks, we want to show what’s possible.

hidden Cynthia W.

Cynthia W.

I am … a Survivor. I had a Hemorrhagic Stroke on June 29, 2013, I just turned 50 yrs old in January that same year. Me & my 77 yr old mother was just getting ready to leave church, which was a 45 minute drive from my home. I felt alittle light headed & tired,

hidden Jake P

Jake P

I am … a Caregiver or Family Member. Jake was 16 months old when he started acting sick. He had a fever of 104, slept for 36 hours straight, and kept walking into things on his left side. When he started having seizures, we took him to 3 different ERs before we got the diagnosis

hidden Agnes A

Agnes A

I am … a Survivor. People are in disbelieve that I made it through this event. It started in July of 2018 when I had the worst headache of my life cliche. My husband noticed I was walking into walls and seemed very disoriented. I had no numbness droop or dizziness I even took a

hidden Terry G

Terry G

I am … a Survivor. I was 41 when i had my first stroke and im now 42. I have apparently had a couple of thrm. My vision is impaired and my memory is terrible. I had my stroke in a shop and never realised what was happening. My speech got all funny and i

hidden Gary N

Gary N

I am … A Survivor. I’m 63 years old, and I’ve been retired for 1 ½ years. Saturday, July 14, 2018, started perfectly normal. I drove to the new Raleigh Union Station. I walked around the inside and outside of the station with no problems or difficulties. I came back home around noon. After lunch,

hidden Charles T

Charles T

I am … Other. Charles Robert Tieman 1958-2017 My brother Charles suffered a stroke to his brain stem on April 23, 2017 and was placed on life suport in Houston Texas. My brother was found on the street and it took a couple days to find out who his family was. Unfortunately due to the

hidden Kay T

Kay T

I am … Other. Kay Francis Rocekfeller-Tieman 1934-2018 On October 16, 2017 only a little over 6 months after my brother Charlie had his stroke on his brain stem I found my mom after she suffered a stroke on her left cerebellum. For 2 weeks she was totally out of it, very confused, could not

hidden Gina B.

Gina B.

I am … a Caregiver or Family Member. My dad, Danny Brown, had a stroke six years ago at age 61. Physically, he’s in the best shape since high school, but he suffered cognitive effects that have altered his life, our life. There’s only so much that can be done medically to help him regain

hidden Lorissa C

Lorissa C

I am … a Survivor. I’m a 37 year old female now. I had a brainstem stroke on Sept 10 2016 when I was 35. I had went to New York City to participate in a 5k with my best friend It was a hot day. We made it to the 2nd obstacle and it


National Stroke Association and Flint Rehab Announce Partnership

The National Stroke Association, a nonprofit organization that reduces the impact of stroke through education and awareness announces a partnership with Flint Rehab, a leading rehabilitation device company that empowers stroke survivors to recover from the comfort of their own home. Through this collaboration, stroke survivors will have improved access to educational materials, an online

hidden Alejandra H

Alejandra H

I am … a Survivor. Hello everyone, my name is alejandra i am a 29 year old stroke survivor, the day i suffered my stroke i was with some friends o e of them had asked me fr a ride to run an arrand as i was dri ing i started to feel odd and

hidden John F

John F

I am … a Survivor. On June 6th, 2018 my world changed in an instant. Having worked in the structural pest control industry for 30 years I was acclimated to varying outdoor temperatue conditions. It was hot that day and after completing my exterior service, I handed my customer his invoice. Immediately I was onset

hidden CME Course – Spasticity: Latest Evidence on Treatment and Patient Outcomes

CME Course – Spasticity: Latest Evidence on Treatment and Patient Outcomes

Original Program Date: June 20, 2018 CME/CE Expiration Date: June 30, 2019 Estimated Program Time: 1 hour, 5 minutes View Webinar This activity is jointly provided by Medical Education Resources and the National Stroke Association. *Download the Spasticity Treatment Dialogue Tool for patients and their heathcare providers. Program Overview This program provides an engaging discussion

hidden Eric S

Eric S

I am … a Survivor. Second Chance in Life (After A Stroke) By Ericson Sanchez F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, “There are no second acts in American lives.” That one sentence has practically become Fitzgerald’s legacy in a nutshell, but my own life has proved how definitively untrue it is. Even in catastrophic circumstances, there