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A New Era in Acute Stroke Treatment

Though it can be argued that trial design was flawed, study data from trials such as IMS-III, SYTHESIS, and MR RESCUE questioned whether acute intervention could improve patient outcomes. The MR CLEAN trial, which was released in December 2014, indicated otherwise. Three additional studies (ESCAPE, EXTEND-IA, and SWIFT PRIME) have also shown benefits of endovascular treatments in patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke.  In summation, MR CLEAN, ESCAPE, EXTEND-IA, and SWIFT PRIME studies have all found…“that removing the clot with the latest stent retriever technology in a timely fashion led to less disability and a greatly improved chance of a good functional outcome.” Sufficient data now exists and proves the efficacy of endovascular treatment in patient subsets, dawning a new era in acute stroke therapy. 

A New Era in Acute Stroke Treatment is an expanded education initiative comprising of three webinars that focus on the translation of endovascular stroke treatment into  evidence-based practice, and overcoming system implementation barriers.

This first webinar provides an overview on the topic and is targeted at Interventional Radiologists and Endovascular Neurosurgeons.

This program covers the translation of endovascular treatment into evidence-based practice and provides an understanding of endovascular treatment trials, clinical results and discusses new guidelines for acute care.

This program examines how to overcome implementation barriers to provide care for more patients by addressing hospital protocols, patient screening and endovascular treatment.

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