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Post-Stroke Programs

This nonaccredited webinar series allows opposing sides the opportunity to present the evidence supporting their opinions. Topics in this series include tPA exclusion and inclusion criteria, post-stroke dosage and frequency of therapy, and interventional treatments.

This nonaccredited webinar will offer tips and tools for assessing evidence-based research and putting it to immediate practical use. There will be demonstrations from research websites and examples of treatment modifications based on the new evidence.

This nonaccredited webinar was designed to discuss how literature indicates that organized acute stroke care and early access to intense rehabilitation improves patient outcomes.

A Members-Only Archived Webinar

Because diabetes management is so crucial to stroke prevention and recovery, National Stroke Association is inviting our SCN and Professional Society members to a special one-hour event, hosted by HomeCEUConnection, through the new National Stroke Association University.

This nonaccredited webinar discusses how stroke is strongly associated with a variety of sleep related disorders including insomnia, sleep apnea and central disorders of hypersomnolence.


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