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Caregivers and Family

Caregivers play an important role throughout the post-stroke recovery process starting from day one. Caregivers can be a family member, friend, neighbor and/or a healthcare professional. We have developed numerous resources to help you on this new journey.

Caring for stroke survivors can cause high levels of emotional, mental, and physical stress for both the stroke survivor and caregiver. In addition to distress, disruption of employment and family life makes caregiving very challenging. Family caregivers can promote positive post-stroke recovery outcomes; however, they need to care for themselves as well.

Caregivers and family members of stroke survivors: You are not alone. National Stroke Association is dedicated to providing educational programs and resources to help you navigate the challenging post-stroke recovery journey.

Stroke can be sudden and unexpected so caring for a stroke survivor can be challenging. Get more information on assistance and support on post-stroke caregiving.

CarelivingSM Community is a social network designed for caregivers and family members of stroke survivors hosted by National Stroke Association. In this free, private space, caregivers can connect with one another; share their stories, advice, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

In addition to providing social opportunities, stroke support groups promote wellness by helping members with making difficult decisions, problem solving, and locating local resources.  Start or find a support group in your area. 

National Stroke Association’s collection of online educational resources includes programing to help better understand post-stroke conditions, provide ideas for caregivers, as well as information on adjusting to life at home and in the community. The offerings include webinars about a variety of topics and recorded “Ask the Expert” sessions with answers to commonly asked questions. New topics are added frequently.

Caregiving is one of the most important and challenging roles you will ever take on in your life. It is not an easy role, and most of us are not prepared for it.  These reliable resources will help you to take care of your loved one and yourself.

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