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Young Stroke Survivors

Stroke is on the rise among younger adults – 15% of ischemic strokes occur in young adults and adolescents.

Many young stroke survivors are between the ages of 18-65 years old. The financial burden and family obligations after a stroke in young adults can be significantly more than for older stroke survivors. Young adults often can’t identify stroke symptoms or they ignore them, resulting in more severe outcomes or loss of life. The financial burden and family obligations after a stroke in young adults can be significantly greater than for older stroke survivors. Because of their younger age, they will frequently live longer with the physical effects of a stroke and experience a greater loss in salary earnings over a longer period of time.

There was a 44% increase in the number of young Americans hospitalized due to stroke over the last decade. It’s important to get involved, take action to prevent strokes or share your story to give other young stroke survivors hope and encouragement.

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Get involved

Get connected with each other through social media and these sites:

Take Action

Become an advocate for stroke survivors and the stroke community by showing support for a particular cause or policy.


Comeback Strong

  • Join us on the Comeback Trail! Together, we can run and walk to raise awareness and celebrate survivorship. 

Return to work

  • Deciding to go back to work? Read this step-by step guide that will help answer your questions.

Pediatric Stroke

  • Strokes can happen to anyone, including children. Learn more about stroke in children on the pediatric stroke site.

Lifestyle Risk Factors


  • Check out our infographic to learn about groundbreaking ways technology is helping stroke survivors recover.


The National Stroke Association continually researches the most current stroke data available. Check back regularly for updated young stroke information.


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Get Involved


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